Oil grinding

Our oil obtained only by the mechanical “squeezing” of the olives,

So that it preserves all the flavour, the perfume, and those nutritional and “organolepticfeatures” that make it unique and appreciated by everyone.

Its manufacturing

The manufacturing begins with the defoliation of the olives trough a cochlea. Shaped spiral Subsequently they are ground by a grind store composed of three granite stones amalgamated, and kneaded in a stainless steel tank. Once the trucks have been prepared with food-usage polypropylene filters, they reach 400 A.T.M. The result is a must of water and oil.

Soon after, the must by means of pump is sent to towards a separator where oil is extrcted.

The result is an extra virgin olive oil, obtained through a traditional cold, squeezing be used both in its raw state and filtered.

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